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Regain your Hormonal Health and your Vibrancy

As we age, specific hormones decrease or fall out of balance. At Pride, we offer our patients Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy in Cedar Park to help them optimize their natural hormone balance to:
  • Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Assist in weight maintenance
  • Improve/stabilize your emotional health and mood
  • Reduce the risk of age-related illnesses like erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, diabetes, vascular illnesses or high cholesterol

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Treatment Details

Initial Hormone Profile Tests
This is the initial test we will do to understand your body's unique hormone profile to see whether you have a hormone imbalance or a deficiency in hormone supporting vitamins.
Maintenance Hormone Profile Tests *
When it's time to get another pellet, we need to test your hormone again to maintain healthy hormone levels in your body's changing hormonal profile.
The Pelleting Procedure
$200 - $660
This is the process whereby a certified medical provider inserts the pellet into your body. Our pelleting procedures differ depending on your unique hormone needs.

* Maintenance tests for patients with thyroid ailments range between $175 and $200. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy or BHRT is a way to supplement a shortage of particular hormone to alleviate some of these symptoms. Regardless of your gender, your body relies on a unique balance of multiple hormones – testosterone, progesterone and estrogen – to keep your body mentally and physically healthy.

What does Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy help with?

A shortage in some hormones, even when it’s a shortage of testosterone in women, can be associated with some frustrating symptoms and health risks. In most patients, a shortage in particular hormones are most commonly associated with the natural process of ageing, however, there can be multiple reasons.

Nevertheless, a drop in hormones is often associated with symptoms like bad sleep, a low mood, the development of anxiety and depression, a foggy mind, a loss of sex drive or function. It may also increase your risk of developing some age-related ailments like a high level of bad cholesterol, vascular ailment, significant weight gain, the development of diabetes, depression, osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s disease.


Why is Hormone Pellet Therapy an effective choice of BHRT?

There are various methods of supplementing a shortage of hormones (like pills or creams) however Hormone Pellet Therapy is often cited as a method that has fewer side effects because it offers a steady and slow release of hormones over the course of a couple of months.

Additionally Hormone Pellet Therapy is a no-hassle solution for the patient because it isn’t a daily supplement. Your medical provider will insert your pellet every 4 – 6 months – depending on how fast your pellet lasts in your body – it differs significantly differs depending on your body and your lifestyle.

How does Hormone Pellet Therapy work?

1. We test your hormone levels

The goal of BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy is balancing any low levels of hormones in your unique body, that’s why the very step in BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy is figuring out whether you have low levels of specific hormones or hormone-production-supporting vitamins. We’ll do some blood-work in your first appointment to send to our laboratories to test your unique Hormone profile. 

2.We tailoring your Hormone Therapy Pellet to your hormone needs

Once your medical provider has established low levels of specific hormones in your body, it’s time to tailor a specific Hormone Therapy Pellet that will help your body maintain hormonal balance. 

3.Our medical provider will insert your Pellet 

This Pellet does so when it’s inserted into your body by your medical provider. The hormones in the pellet will be steadily released into your body over the course of a few months. How long the pellet works, depends on you how fast your body metabolized the hormone. This process’s speed is related to many different factors including how much you stress or exercise.

4. Maintaining and calibrating your hormones

Once your pellet has worn off, your medical provider will usually recommend maintenance tests and pellets. 

Your body’s hormone production isn’t stagnant, that’s why it’s vital to test your hormones regularly to see whether your provider should up or lower the dosage of a specific hormone in your next pellet insertion. 

Does everyone qualify for Hormone Pellet Therapy?

No, just like any hormone therapy, it’s important to ensure that you require a supplement of specific hormones to restore the balance of your hormones in order for it to improve your wellbeing. An excess of a particular hormone can be harmful to your health and have serious side-effects. Besides, not having a deficiency in some hormones, particular health conditions can disqualify certain patients from BHRT as well.

How are Pellets different from other methods of Hormone Therapy?

Your medical provider can prescribe daily pills, daily or twice-daily creams, injections or pellets.

While pills require daily action by the patient and creams or gels can easily transfer to other members of the family, injections and pellets often offer more sustainable solutions, particularly because they can be tailored to the unique hormone needs of each patient. Additionally, these treatments require monthly, or even 6-monthly, maintenance rather than daily maintenance.

At Pride, we prefer Pellet Therapy, because Injections often create a “rollercoaster” effect with a higher risk of adverse effects.

Why is BioTe Pellet Therapy a good option?

BioTe offers pellets that leverage plant-based compounds to bio-identically replicate the hormone that is naturally found in the human body.

It usually lasts between 4 and 6 months, depending on your unique lifestyle

BioTE is a well-studied brand and Pellet Therapy offers a steadier supplement of hormones than pills or creams. Additionally, the pellet therapy process has little downtime.

What are the potential Side Effects of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

It’s important to consult your medical provider on the potential side-effects for you. Everyone has a different risks and side-effects considering every body has a unique hormone profile.

However, symptoms may include fluid retention, testicular atrophy, low sperm count, mood swings or irritability, breast tenderness and nipple sensitivity, uterine spotting, breakouts on your face or pellet extrusion.

The pricing of treatments, services and special offers are subject to change and terms and conditions. Kindly check service costs upon booking. 

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