Spider Vein Treatment in Cedar Park

Effectively Remove Spider Veins

Sick of covering up red or purple spider veins on your face or on your legs? We offer Spider Vein Treatment in Cedar Park that effectively removes medium and small spider veins. 

  • Effectively removes medium and small spider veins

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Treatment Details

Laser vein treatments can destroy spider veins without damaging your skin. Some spider veins may even disappear immediately after treatment.


  1. It’s typically best to treat spider veins in the winter when you’re less exposed to the sun or less likely to wear shorts that might expose any bruising that follows a few weeks after treatment.
  2. It’s important to talk to your Provider weeks before your treatment about any medication/supplements/foods/beverages that may thin your blood. If it’s possible he/she will likely advise you to discontinue this type of medication/supplements one week before your treatment. This may help reduce the amount of bruising afterwards.
  3. Common items that thin the blood includes Ginkgo Biloba, fish and flaxseed oil; Vitamin E or red wine. It also includes many medications like Aleve, ibuprofen, Motrin and aspirin. It’s important to talk to your provider first; you should not discontinue your prescribed medication – including aspirin – without discussing it with your provider first.
  4. You can wear or bring your shorts if your legs are part of your treatment area.
  1. You will typically experience some bruising, discoloration and swelling that can last for a week or more. The after-effects of laser treatment on your face can usually be covered using makeup. A cold compress may assist in reducing the swelling. These bruises may also look like a “cat scratch” scab for 8-12 weeks during the healing time.
  2. Compression stockings of 20-30 psi (this can usually be bought at medical stores, pharmacies or clinics) should be used continuously for the first 3 – 5 days following leg treatments.
  3. A full recovery – and the full results – are visible after a few weeks or a few months. It differs between different patients and treatment areas.
  4. It’s important to contact your provider or the office immediately if you experience continued pain or blisters.
  5. For the first 5 days, avoid hot tubs, hot baths, hot showers or saunas.
  6. Avoid blood-thinning products like alcohol, aspirin or Advil for the first 5 days. It’s important to talk to your provider about not using blood thinners for the first 5 days.
  7. Avoid exercise for the first 3 days following your laser vein therapy.
  8. Avoid sunlight as much as possible – at least a month after your treatment, using a high SPF sunblock (at least 30) with zinc oxide – on the treated areas.
  9. You can clean the treated area very gently with sensitive soap and lukewarm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Vein Therapy?

Laser Vein Therapy is an effective treatment for small to medium spider veins using laser light, to destroy a vein without destroying the skin.

How does Laser Vein Therapy work?

A Vein Therapy Laser uses YAG Wavelengths to effectively breaks down red and blue spider veins by damaging the vein vessel using heat. After the veins are damaged, your body will slowly remove the damaged tissue. You may notice that the damaged spider vein will become darker before it is broken down and remove by your bodies natural processes.

What happens during a Laser Vein Therapy?

Your provider will apply an ultrasound gel to protect your skin against the laser. Next, they will apply the Laser Vein Therapy laser to the treatment area. The treatment is quite quick.

Who can administer a Spider Vein Treatment?

Only trained laser  providers can employ Laser Vein Therapy.

How long does Spider Vein Treatment take?

The process of applying the laser to the Spider Vein area usually takes about 15 minutes.

When will the effects of Spider Vein Therapy be visible?

You might see a significant reduction in all your small veins immediately after the Laser Vein Therapy, however, the full results vary from patient to patient – it may only be visible after a few weeks or months. Leg vein laser therapy can typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to heal. Treatment results may vary depending on the severity of the initial spider vein presentation.

Does Laser Vein Therapy work for large varicose veins too?

No, Laser Vein Therapy works effectively for most spider veins, but it is not suitable for large varicose veins.

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