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You're not the first person wishing they could remove a tattoo. At Pride's Medical Spa we offer laser tattoo removal in Cedar Park to help you do just that.
  • Remove black and color tattoos with our various laser treatments
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Treatment Details

$50 - $275
Lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors with a high-intensity light beam which then allows your body to get rid of them. Multiple treatments are typically required for final results.

Pricing dependent of size of treatment area.


  1. Limit your exposure to sunlight 4 – 6 weeks before your treatment, unless your provider tells you otherwise. This means it’s important not to tan naturally or using a tan booth. Sun exposure can increase your chances of developing hyperpigmentation that may last for months following the procedure. 
  2. It’s also recommended not to use self-tanning products weeks before your treatment. 
  3. Typically, it’s recommended that you stop using all skincare products 3 – 5 days before your scheduled treatment. 
  4. Your provider may ask you to stop taking specific medication before the treatment. It’s important to ask your physician. 
  5. It’s recommended that you shave the area you would like to be treated on the day, or a day before, of your treatment. 
  6. On the day of your treatment wash your unwanted tattoo area with soap and water.  
  7. Do not use any Retin-A or Retinol products before your treatment. 
  8. It is recommended to avoid the use of pain killers like Motrin, Aspirin and Aleve for a week before your treatment. If you would like to reduce the pain of the treatment, you may ask your provider to recommend a suitable painkiller like Acetaminophen 500 mg that you can take an hour and a half before your treatment. 
  1. Although it differs from treatment-to-treatment, your provider will typically advise you not to expose yourself to sunlight 4 – 6 weeks following your treatment. It’s advised you used sun cream with an SPF of 30+ or more, because sun exposure may lead to hyperpigmentation. 
  2. Immediately after your treatment, you may notice “frosting” in the treated area. 
  3. You may also notice redness, edema swelling and pinpoint bleeding after 2 hours or more. 
  4. It’s recommended that you apply an ointment – like Aquaphor and Vaseline – to the area, wrapping it with non-stick coverage. 
  5. For 48 – 72hours following your treatment, it’s best not to wear tight clothing over the treated area.
  6. Do not pick, scratch or clean the scabbing area that will form over the treated area; the scab will usually flaked-off in a little over a week. 
  7. It’s advised not to soak your treated area for 48 hours following the treatment, so it’s best not to bath or swim. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser is a a high-intensity light beam. This light beam has the ability to break down the pigmentation within a tattoo.

Is the tattoo removal the same process for coloured tattoos?

No. Black tattoos are the easiest to remove, because this pigment absorbs all laser beams quite easily. However colored tattoos are a bit trickier. You need specific lasers to effectively remove specific colors. Our certified aestheticians can advise you based on your tattoo.  

How long does tattoo removal take?

Tattoos usually require multiple laser treatments before the ink is completely dissolved. However, the number of treatments you need in order to remove a tattoo depends on the size and the colors of the tattoo.

What can I expect during a tattoo removal?

An aesthetician, certified in tattoo removal, will first numb the area where you would like ink removed with a topical treatment and then apply the laser treatment.

What will my tattoo look like after a tattoo removal procedure?

The treated area will most likely be red, swollen and inflamed. It is normal if the area feels tender or dry and you may see some bleeding or blisters.


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