Peptide Infusion “Francis” Facial

Smooth glowing skin & reduced fine wrinkles

This facial infusion is named in honor of Francis Mijares who developed and took PRIDE in the science behind this treatment. The Francis Facial uses a proprietary product that infuses the skin with peptides, vitamins and retinol using ultrasound wave technology.
  • A proprietary product inspired by Francis
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Increases blood flow to the capillaries
  • Creates a smooth, youthful glow in the skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles over time

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Treatment Details

This facial infusion is named in honor of Francis Mijares who developed and took Pride in the science behind this treatment. This uses a proprietary product that infuses the skin with peptides, vitamins and retinols using ultrasound wave technology.


  • Do not use Retin-A or other exfoliating creams 24 to 72 hours (1 to 3 days) prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid sun tanning or tanning creams/sprays for at least a week before treatment
  • You must NOT have recently had laser surgery or used Accutane
  • Candidates who have had a recent chemical peel or other skin procedure, such as filler injections, should wait two weeks before undergoing microdermabrasion. Please wait one week after Botox injections to have a microdermabrasion.
  • Prospective patients should also refrain from waxing or tanning the skin to be treated for a few days prior to microdermabrasion treatment.
  • Wash your face and neck with a non-oily, non-soap based cleanser before each scheduled treatment.
  • Keep the new skin clean and moisturized
  • Use a gentle cleanser.
  • Trauma such as scratching or picking the treated area should be avoided.
  • It is important to avoid irritating the treated skin with harsh chemicals, rubbing or tanning for one week.
  • Although some peeling may occur in the treated areas, moisturizer should help minimize this effect.
  • Avoid staying in the sun for at least 7 days after the microdermabrasion treatment to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin which slows down the recovery.
  • Patients who absolutely cannot avoid sun exposure should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Do not use glycolic, alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, retinol, benzyl peroxide or topical acne medications for 24-48 hours following treatment.
  • You may resume prescription retinoid products (Retin A, Renova, Tretinoin, Avita, Alustra or other brands of Tretinoin and other prescription retinoid products (Adapalene, Avage, Differin, Tazorac, Tazarotene) 3 – 7 days after last microdermabrasion treatment or as instructed by your technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Peptide Infusion "Francis" Facial work?

This procedure will be specialized by one of our aestheticians that is certified in this treatment. We first clean the skin using medical grade cleanser and toner to remove any makeup and oils off the surface of the epidermis.

During the safe, non-invasive procedure, thousands of ultrasonic waves vibrate and stimulate your skin and pores, releasing toxins while infusing our special blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Your skin is restored to a smooth, youthful glow by stimulating blood flow to the capillaries. At the same time, the skin is gently stimulated to produce collagen and elastin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time. 

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