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Online & Confidential Telemedicine in Cedar Park

Transportation and travel should not be a barrier to you receiving the care you need. At Pride, we offer confidential Telemedicine in Cedar Park.
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Treatment Details

Telemedicine Appointment
Online follow-up care for established Pride patients

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine in Cedar Park

Which kind of appointments can be done online at Pride?

At Pride we offer Telemedicine in Cedar Park to established patients. We offer confidential, online follow-up care for most of our appointments that do not require physical check ups. 

Can I use telemedicine if I need to do lab tests?

If your care requires laboratory services, our staff will send the orders directly to the closest laboratory draw station, right after your appointment.

Is Telemedicine secure?

For our Telemedicine in Texas, we use Updox. Updox is a HIPAA-compliant confidential telemedicine platform that’s secure and confidential to protect your privacy during your health care service. 

How do I book a telemedicine appointment in Cedar Park?

Our online appointments should be booked by calling our office at 512-379-7272.

The pricing of treatments, services and special offers are subject to change and terms and conditions. Kindly check service costs upon booking. 

Meet Our Providers

At Pride Family Medicine
Risa Curtis, DO OB/GYN
Physician OB/GYN
Raissa Behm, FNP
Owner, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Eric Behm, FNP
Owner, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Ashley Whatley, FNP
Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

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