Nail Fungus Treatment in Cedar Park

Painless, Effective Nail Fungus Removal

Tired or having to deal with, and hide, a pesky fungus that leaves your nails yellow, thickened and unsightly? At Pride we offer an extremely effective FDA-approved Nail Fungus Treatment in Cedar Park that’ll get you back, confidently, in open shoes. 

  • The most effective way to clear a Nail Fungus
  • Works into the nail to kill the fungus
  • Easy, painless treatment

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Treatment Details

$75 - $175
Laser is used to zap the bug that causes the nail to be rough and discolored. Once treated, the healthy nail begins to grow from the cuticle and replace the damaged nail.

Pricing dependent of size of treatment area.


  1. Let your provider know if you suffer from circulation issues, neuropathy or wounds on your feet as this might be that this treatment should not be performed on you.
  2. Before your treatment, cut or file your nails short.
  3. Avoid or remove any nail polish.
  4. Clean your nails as best you can.
  1. Keep your nails shortly files or trimmed until the affected nail is completely grown out.
  2. If your toenails were treated, it is advised you wear cotton socks that’ll reduce the moisture. It is also advised to wear flip flops or sandals.
  3. Avoid walking bare feet if it’s possible if you were treated for a toenail infection.
  4. Don’t go to a nail salon while or after you’re being treated until your infected nail is grown out.
  5. You can apply your nail polish immediately after the treatment if you would like to.
  6. If your provider prescribed anti-fungal medication, be sure to take it as instructed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Laser Treatment work for Nail Fungus Removal?

Laser treatment works deep into the nail to kill the active fungus affecting your toenails. As the treatment kills the fungus, the new nail growth will be healthy.

How long does it take for a Nail Fungus to heal?

It can take between 6 and 12 months for your healthy nails to replace your old fungus-affected toenail. Although a Laser Nail Fungus Removal treatment may have effectively killed the fungus, nails are slow to grow. Consequently, your nails will only appear completely healthy once the new, healthy nail has replaced the nail that had been damaged by the now-dead fungus.

What happens during a Laser Nail Fungus Removal Treatment?

A Laser Nail Fungus Removal treatment will be administered by an aesthetician, specialized in laser Nail Fungus Removal. Here’s what you can expect of this process:

Step 1. The certified aesthetician will wash your nails, cleaning them with alcohol.
Step 2. Your aesthetician or laser technician will use two different lasers. He or she will move over every infected digit – both the nail and the surrounding tissue.

Is a Laser Nail Fungus Removal Treatment painful?

No, you will most likely only feel a slight head and perhaps a prick sensation during a laser nail fungus treatment.

How many Laser Treatment do you need to completely remove a Nail Fungus?

Typically, most Laser Nail Fungus Treatments are effective in a series of three treatments spread out over 3 months. However, a more serious nail fungus infection may require another series of treatments afterwards – or the addition of anti-fungal medication. Our providers will guide you through the necessary steps for your level of infection.

How can I avoid getting a nail fungus again?

You can better avoid picking up another fungus infection by keeping your nails short, making sure your shoes that are breathable and fit accurately. It is also strongly advised that you avoid walking bare feet in public facilities or using someone else’s shoes or nail clippers etc. You can also use antifungal sprays and powders.

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