Women’s Hormone Health Quiz

Assess your hormonal health

If your hormones are out of balance, your life and health can feel out of balance too. Luckily a hormonal imbalance is a very common and easily managed issue. Answer the 12 questions below and our health providers will offer you a preliminary assessment to see whether you’d need lab tests to see whether hormone therapy might benefit you. You can also book an appointment right away.

Preliminary Hormone Health Assessment

How you experience the following:

    Inability to Sleep?
    Significant Changes in your Mood? (feelings like irritability / anxiety / depression)
    Night Sweats & Hot Flashes?
    Vaginal Dryness?
    Dry Skin?
    Inability to Focus / Memory Loss?
    Weak Hair / Hair Loss?
    Muscles / Joint Pains?
    Excessive Sweating?
    Weight Gain?
    Loss in Sex Drive?

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