BioTE Core 4

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Core 4 includes: ADK, DIM, Methyl Factors, Multi-Strain Probiotic (Save 20%)

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Our Core 4 pack includes…

ADK 10

  • ADK 10 contains the nutrients vital to maintaining healthy bone density and strength. It contains vitamin D3 its cofactor, K2, two vitamins vital to the production of Osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a protein that strengthens​ the bones. ADK 5 also contain Vitamin A, which supports both vitamin D3 and K2 in their osteocalcin-producing process in order to maintain strong and dense bones.

    Price: $35 per unit (90 cap)


  • Although every hormone, including Estrogen, has a healthy function in the body, having too much of it can cause significant damage. The key is maintaining the right balance for your body. Diindolylmethane (DIM) assist in balancing Estrogen for improved uterine, breast, prostate and cervical health.Price: $40 per unit (60 cap)

Methyl Factors+

  • Methyl Factors+ contains essential methylation nutrients (methylfolate (5-MTHF), active methyl B12, active B2, active B6 and betaine) vital to the biochemical process of Methylation. This process regulates many neurological, cardiovascular, reproductive, and detoxification systems in your body.Price: $40 per unit (90 cap)

Multi-Strain Probiotic

  • Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B offers over 20 billion active cultures in every capture. This specialized probiotic blend supports a healthy digestive system, a healthy immune system which in turn supports weight management, hormone balance and pH balance.Price: $25 per unit (30 blister pack)