Happy 4th of July!

We hope you have a fun and safe holiday enjoying great food, friends and fireworks!

Did you know??

  • The Tradition of Hot Dog Eating Contests: While hot dogs are a popular food during 4th of July barbecues, it might surprise you to know that competitive eating contests, specifically hot dog eating contests, have become a significant part of 4th of July celebrations. The most famous of these contests is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held annually in Coney Island, New York.
  • It is unknown exactely when the Liberty Bell first cracked. Even more, the crack we see is actually “over 40 drill bit marks” that were used to try to fix the bell. Check out this Sound of the Liberty Bell.
  • While the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, it was not actually signed on that day. Most of the delegates signed the document on August 2, 1776, and others signed it later. However, July 4th is still celebrated as the official date of independence.

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