Fight The Flu & Flatten The Covid-19 Curve

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#2 – Pride Family Medicine remains dedicated to provide you with the best direction and advice to stay safe and healthy as we move through the winter season. This is especially true as Covid-19 returns in force to our community.

So what do you need to know about staying safe this winter?

  • Protect Yourself & Others – You have to opportunity to control the space you live, work and play in. Your choices can prevent the spread of illness and decrease your chances of contracting and spreading disease.
    • Wear a Mask – This DOES help. Wear it correctly, over the nose.
    • Smart Social Distancing – Follow your county guidelines and be smart. Less exposure = less potential contact.
    • Hand Hygiene – We learned this is in grade school, from our mothers, and now from the smartest scientists and medical providers in the world…WASH YOUR HANDS. Hand sanitizer can be used when unable to wash traditionally. Don’t forget between the fingers and under your nails.
    • Avoid High Risk Gatherings – Events include close contact, body fluid exposure or substances that impair judgement (ie. alcohol) will increase your exposure risk.
  • Monitor Your Health
    • Be aware of how you feel and monitor for changes – Have a thermometer in your home to check your temperature accurately.
    • Avoid scenarios that exacerbate other medical conditions such as asthma or allergy triggers.

What Do You Treat at Home? When Do I Seek Attention?

  • Treat Mild Symptoms of Illness – Covid-19, Flu and other viral illnesses will commonly cause typical symptoms including the following. You may consider using the indicated OTC medications for symptomatic treatment. Discuss the use of these medications with your medical provider.
    • Cough – Cough suppressant – Delsym
    • Nasal Congestion/Drainage – Fluticasone Nasal Spray, Neti Pot
    • Chest Congestion – Guaifenesin
    • Sore Throat – Chloraseptic spray or Benzocaine Lozenges
    • Fatigue – Stay hydrated
    • Fever – antipyretic medications (acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen)
    • Body Aches – acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen
    • Nausea or Vomiting – ginger chews
    • Diarrhea – Oral FLUIDS (1/2 water/1/2 Gatorade)
  • Seek Urgent/Emergent Medical Attention if you have the following:
    • Trouble Breathing
    • Pain or Pressure in your chest
    • New Confusion
    • Skin Discoloration
    • Inability to stay awake
    • Excessive diarrhea, especially with Vomiting

Covid-19 Specific Key Points

  • Vaccine Status – There are a few vaccines coming to the market in the next few days-months. These have been developed at a relatively quick pace compared to other vaccines. Front line healthcare workers are rumored to be the first recipients of available vaccines with the general public to follow.
  • Testing – There are 2 main types of tests to be aware of:
    • Antibody Testing – Have you had it before? – This may be information that is “good to know” but doesn’t provide you with much more information for your immediate care.
    • Viral Test – Do you have it Now? – This is also information that, for the most part, is “good to know”. To know you have active Covid-19 allows you to appropriately react, quarantine and possibly anticipate a course of your illness. However, this still does not tell you how sick you will get, how long you will be sick for or provide a “cure” for the virus.
  • Treatment – Treatment is still mainly based on your symptoms and how severe your symptoms become.
    • Initial treatment is largely symptomatic. Use the medications outlined above.
    • If your symptoms become more severe, you may need to be hospitalized for management of secondary illness, such as pneumonia, pulmonary emboli, renal failure or respiratory failure.

There are numerous resources that will give you good and bad information. Consider who is providing you the information. Be smart and choose wisely.

Williamson County Covid-19 Dashboard

Travis County Covid-19 Dashboard

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is an excellent resource for information regarding Covid-19.