Our October Special

Laser Hair Removal

Buy one Large Area, get one Medium Area FREE ($130 value)

Buy one Medium Area, get one Small Area FREE ($75 value)

Laser Hair Removal offers you a way to remove unwanted hair, and their regrowth, lastingly. A laser is a focussed beam of light. When applied to unwanted hair, this focussed light is converted to heat energy, which damages your dark-hair follicles and inhibits its ability to regrow dark hair. It specifically targets dark hairs because pigment (melanin) absorbs the laser light. It will not remove or inhibit white, blonde, or red hair. 

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Our October offer is subject to availability and valid for booking between 1 October 2020 and 31 October 2020.

Small Area Pricing

$75.00 per session I 6 session for $360

Medium Area Pricing

1 session for $130.00 I 6 sessions for $690

Large Area Pricing

1 session for $180.00 I 6 sessions for $960