A Heads Up About the Covid Vaccine

As the supply of vaccines for Covid-19 becomes more available and more people become eligible to receive the vaccine, a few things should be mentioned to those who are anxiously waiting for their turn.

  1. Pride Family Medicine supports the use of the Covid-19 vaccination to prevent the contraction and spread of the deadly virus.
  2. The vaccine, like all other vaccines, has a potential to cause some side effects as your body responds to it to produce its own defense against Covid-19. The vaccine DOES NOT give you Covid-19.
  3. First Vaccine – Many people have mild symptoms after their first vaccine, including a sore injection site, tiredness and headache.
  4. Second Vaccine – There are varying reports of symptoms related to the “booster” vaccine. Some patients are having more significant side effects often related to a “Bad Flu” that last 24-48 hours with very quick resolution of these symptoms.
  5. These side effects are “better than Covid” and the numerous chronic conditions that are proving to persist long after having Covid-19.
  6. Even after being vaccinated, everyone must continue to practice social distancing and mask wearing measures until the majority of the population can develop protection against the virus and the pandemic subsides.

Pride Family Medicine is in the process of applying to be a provider of the Covid-19 Vaccination. Until then, please continue to utilize your local resources to pursue vaccination against Covid-19


Everyone Stay Safe and Healthy!!

Pride Family Medicine

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